Human Sorcerer, Dwarf Fighter and Lizardfolk cleric (left to right)
(Photoshop CC 2019)
Full custom Dungeons and Dragons party with human sorceress, human gunslinger, half-orc warlock, gnome paladin, dragonborn cleric and half-elf rogue (left to right)
(Photoshop CC 2019)
Brunhilde the Brawler and Del, the Sword-wielding elf cleric 
(Photoshop CC 2019)
no helmet
Dragonborn Barbarian (Photoshop CC 2018)
Dungeons and Dragons party, human barbarian, dwarven monk, deep gnome ranger and  aasimer wizard (Photoshop CC 2019)
Party commission of a client's cats, Bard, Warrior, Ranger and Necromancer classes (Photoshop CC 2018)
Yuan-ti abomination rogue/fighter (Photoshop CC 2018)
rough sketch
grayscale in progress
Yuan-ti sorceress (Photoshop CC 2018)
Grayscale sketch in progress
Firbolg Druid-Paladin (Photoshop CC 2018)
Kobold Paladin (Photoshop CC 2018)
Dragonborn Cleric (Photoshop CC 2018)
Tabaxi Rogue (Photoshop CC 2018)