no helmet
Dragonborn Barbarian (Photoshop CC 2018)
Dungeons and Dragons party, human barbarian, dwarven monk, deep gnome ranger and  aasimer wizard (Photoshop CC 2019)
Party commission of a client's cats, Bard, Warrior, Ranger and Necromancer classes (Photoshop CC 2018)
Yuan-ti abomination rogue/fighter (Photoshop CC 2018)
rough sketch
grayscale in progress
Yuan-ti sorceress (Photoshop CC 2018)
Grayscale sketch in progress
Firbolg Druid-Paladin (Photoshop CC 2018)
Kobold Paladin (Photoshop CC 2018)
Dragonborn Cleric (Photoshop CC 2018)
Tabaxi Rogue (Photoshop CC 2018)