2018 Association of Medical Illustrators Collector Playing Card Deck Professional Member Illustration
cross section of heart chambers
chambers colorized
liver and gall bladder
stomach study
Heart, lungs, pancreas, liver and stomach painting studies (Adobe Photoshop CC 2018)
Anatomical Self Portrait (Adobe Photoshop CS6 2015)
Original pencil drawing scans of observed human skull model used in the Neck Anatomy Diagram
Illustrated diagram of the roots, trunks, divisions, cords and branches of the brachial plexus.
Heart Anatomy visualized using Osirix and drawn and rendered in Adobe Photoshop CS6 (2016)
Stomach ulcers and the chemical processes of Helicobacter pylori bacteria illustrated in Adobe Photoshop and models created in VMD, Chimera and textured in Cinema 4D (2015)
Cellular landscape painting done in Photoshop. Visualization of hepatocytes of the liver showing sinusoids and portal triads.