I am a Rochester Institute of Technology graduate with my Master of Fine Arts degree in Medical Illustration. Currently, I work full-time as an illustrator and create educational illustrations and diagrams for print and for use in digital learning modules.
Previously, I completed my undergraduate career at Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology, a minor in Art History and also studied Biomedical Art and Game Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
Growing up, I was always captivated by the natural sciences but also had a creative streak and a passion for drawing. Art had always been a hobby for me and it was not until later in my educational career that I learned I could combine both of my passions into one occupation. As a Medical Illustrator, I am not only an artist but also an educator. It is my goal to create clear and engaging visuals that can be readily accessible, and appreciated, by all audiences.
Whether I am creating an oil painting, an anatomical diagram, a zoological illustration, visualizing a surgical or biological process, conceptualizing an imagined scene, designing a logo, or modeling in Maya, I am constantly learning new techniques, utilizing new technologies, producing art, and loving it.
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